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I want my tombstone to be my last words, and I want my last words to be “That looks easy! Here, hold my beer”

I also want a clown and balloon animals and a silent disco at my funeral. And a petting zoo. With puppies.

Another day, another rant


So I’ve had a bit of an absence from Tumblr more recently, but there’s something that has happened in the media that has compelled me to come back and churn out a rant that nobody will read, but still - I need to rant because this has made me angry.

I’m sure people on the Internet have heard of this “celebgate” thing in which Anonymous Scumbag #45893957481…3502 has hacked into iCloud, the online file hosting service run by Apple and has supposedly leaked hundreds of images and videos purporting to be of A-List celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, and on and on and on.

In retaliation, Lena Dunham of ‘Girls’ “fame” has kneejerked faster than the speed of stupid and compared hackers to sex offenders, and anyone who has viewed the images as rapists, whilst classily twisting a rape “justification” into a scapegoat for personal stupidity:

In doing so, she has begun imitating the generic Tumblr radfem closed ideology echo chamber. She says “”Don’t take naked pictures if you don’t want them online” is the “she was wearing a short skirt” of the Internet.”

I say: What a load of shite. Is it not Internet Safety 101? This is what they teach children in school for fucks sake, don’t take naked pictures of yourself because once they’ve been sent they are out of your hands and they could end up anywhere. Ask any Internet Safety, anti-bullying group, child protection service or parental advice group, they will all tell you the same.

If you take selfies and you don’t want people other than your intended recipient to look at them - DON’T TAKE THEM. Don’t take the risk. Okay you might be fine with sending things to your boyfriend or girlfriend or maybe you’re just going through a period in your life where you don’t give a shit - But if you believe there will be a time coming where you DON’T want people to see those images, DON’T TAKE THEM. It is THAT simple. Have some fucking standards.

I’m sorry but this may be a very unpopular opinion, especially in light of the clusterfuck going down in the media but it is common sense, I’m sorry but she has twisted a rape “justification” into a scapegoat for personal stupidity and this has made me extremely angry. How can anyone agree that this is an okay thing to do?

You’re a celebrity. You know the risks. You know there is a very seedy side to showbiz because chances are you went through it just to get your first audition or your first gig. Hollywood is KNOWN for it, and what is also KNOWN about being famous is there will ALWAYS be someone willing to make money off your name or image - be that the paps trying to get an upskirt photo of you as you leave the limo, trying to get pictures of you without make up or where your hair is a mess or where you’re doing drugs or whatever the fuck… Even to something simple as typical “Oh X celebrity was seen with Y celebrity… ARE THEY DATING?!” trash you find on toilet paper such as Perez Hilton or TMZ or MTV or OK or whatever the fuck.

As a celebrity, you are painting a very special target on yourself, one of the worst possible things you can do is take nudes of yourself or make a sextape because stuff like that is worth HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, if not MILLIONS depending on how high profile the person is. You cannot afford to be naive and think that every single one of your adoring public has moral standards and isn’t afraid to make a quick buck for very little work. One of the biggest mistakes is naivety, and thinking you are a normal person. You are not.

Normal people don’t have their own media circus every time they go out the front door. Normal people don’t have paparazzi chasing them in their cars or thrusting cameras in their face or paying your friends to dish the dirt on your secrets or who you’re seeing.
Normal people have been victims of personal images and media being exposed, but without coming across as justifying it or saying it is even remotely okay - it is not - they have to go through little more than embarassment, worst case scenario they could lose a job or have a relationship spat, those images might go online but nobody will know who that person is outside of their local/social circles.
Celebrities are exceptions to the rule, because they are not normal people. They are in the spotlight, everyone knows their name, everyone has an opinion of them whether they like it or not and every part of their life has become public… And as I said, there will always be SOMEONE wanting to make money off them - and not everyone’s moral compass is as defined as the victims would like it to be.

Lena Dunham has basically just made a messy situation even muckier by dragging rape into it. This is an issue for the victims and the authorities involved, and not something that should be made worse with misguided Twitter rants about how hackers are sex offenders and how anyone who looks at the pictures are rapists - that looking at their bodies is no different to sexual assault.

I say this: Why is nobody looking at the bigger picture? Why is nobody condemning the security measures for iCloud? Surely a storage service run by quite easily the biggest corporation on the planet should be under pretty intense scrutiny? If it is anybody’s fault for these pictures existing besides that which lies with the victims themselves, it is the person who leaked them, and the service that was so easily cracked.

Don’t get me wrong - the person who leaked these is scum. Bottom of the barrel scum. He posted them all on 4chan with a bitcoin link so that anyone who wanted the leaks had to visit his link which would transfer into a monetary value… At the moment I am told he has made little more than $150 from the entire shitstorm. I would see him hang for what he’s done, and he should definitely be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law. What he has done is WRONG, but what these victims don’t want to accept is that there is a degree of blame that they are also responsible for.

I will end this rant with an analogy.

A politician who is caught on camera cheating on their partner with a prostitute or a journalist or the chauffeur (oh myyy), such is condemned as irresponsible behavior, everyone thinks the politician is frankly a moron, that they should resign and from this moment on their entire career is tarnished. What good they have done is now put in the shade by this scandal. Anything they hope to achieve is now on the rocks because whenever their reputation as an influential person is put forward, all you can think of is their transgression. The damage these scandals can do is no big secret of the universe.

Isn’t that right Bill?


10 days before I touch down in Sweden to look at some majestic as fuck Swedish things fuck yes

Tony Stark aka Iron Man performing live on stage with Sting. Best. Superhero. Ever.

You know what really grinds my gears?

Well guys, this is going to be a long one… But it is about something that has seriously boiled my piss today - and regards one journalist for a leading UK newspaper’s reaction to Elliot Rodger’s shootings in California a few days ago.

Before I begin, I should note that I am more than aware of how excessively militant and aggressive Tumblr users can be in the name of civil rights and equalism, I wish to point out that this post was not written to offend anyone but to put into words my personal opinion about the actions of a particular journalist who I believe has written a very distasteful article that manipulates a national tragedy and twists it into a soapbox for her own agenda

This doesn’t just make me angry, this makes me sick. The journalist who wrote this, Jessica Valenti, is trying to twist the murder of 6 innocent people - guilty of being at the wrong place at the wrong time - into a feminist rant, blatantly disregarding the fact the killer had severe mental health problems and was clearly agitated by those within his social circle. That is not to say they are ultimately responsible for the things he did, not at all -  as the only person who could have seen this coming was the one who was pulling the trigger in the first place.

Elliot Rodgers had SERIOUS mental health issues. He was as crazy as a bag of cats, and whether they were aware of it or not - most likely they weren’t -  the people he spoke to on a daily basis were pushing him further and further to breaking point. This is the kind of person who takes everything personally, he holds grudges and cannot handle rejection. Even the slightest criticism from anyone is like his best friend stabbing him in the back and twisting the knife every opportunity he gets.

This isn’t justification for what he did, far from it - but this is how he saw the world. This is how he came to hate society, and eventually his feelings transcended from his friends and the acquaintances he might have from riding the same bus, for example, to society as a whole. He most likely saw himself as above everyone, that he was the only one awake among the oblivious, like a wolf hiding among the sheep.

Jessica Valenti - has pounced on the fact that Rodgers frequented online circles associated with a male superiority group, who embrace archaic ideals that have trapped them in a Victorian era time-warp and places men as some kind of “master race”, and women with no rights or place in society beyond serving their male superiors and providing heirs, which you don’t need me to tell you is not only bullshit but complete and utter lunacy. It is also ironic and actually quite hypocritical because Valenti then quotes the renowned social media blogger and women’s rights activist Melissa McEwan who claims to represent female empowerment in an equal society but is in reality a closet extremist who wants a fair society for women and women only..

The probable truth is, Rodger didn’t hate women - he hated the ones who had rejected him. Remember that the slightest criticism is like a knife to the gut of those who carry Rodger’s way of thinking, now try to imagine what it would have been like for him to be turned down by a woman he is sexually interested in.
I mean, let’s face it, it’s hard enough for me and you regardless of which side of the gender coin we are, but imagine how horrific it would have been for someone with the psyche of Rodger, and would no doubt start his reaction process with confusion and aggression being expressed outward, then inward, where he chastises himself for being so ‘stupid and naive’, that he is failing his primal “mission” as a man - and it’s obvious that he felt insecure in the presence of other men, in fact you can see that in one of those same messages he posted in on those social groups Valenti mentioned:

"If you could release a virus that would kill every single man on Earth, except for yourself, would you do it? You will be the only man left, with all the females. You would be able to have your pick of any beautiful woman"

Does that sound like the words of someone who believes they are insecure compared to other men, or the words of a misogynist? Personally, I am opting for the former - because he seems more frustrated that there are other men impacting his ability to “have his pick” of “any beautiful woman”, but he is attempting to disguise this frustration in the form of a hypothetical question. With that veil now removed, he sounds angry at the fact that women he thinks are beautiful will pick other men over him, so he believes that if you remove all men from the equation, women would have no choice but him.

Then there’s the quote Valenti directly provides,that not only is irrelevant to the concept of misogyny, but AGAIN implies that his anger is directed more against other men, who he sees himself as “lesser” against:

"You forced me to suffer all my life, now I will make you all suffer. I waited a long time for this. I’ll give you exactly what you deserve, all of you. All you girls who rejected me, looked down upon me, you know, treated me like scum while you gave yourselves to other men.

Ultimately, because he is unable to accept that things are as they are, that there’s plenty more fish in the sea and that it is better to chalk it up as a learning experience - like me and you would, again regardless of which side of the gender coin we are, he will fantasize about punishing the people he believes make him feel the way he is feeling. He will hate the person who rejected him, and that in turn will evolve into a grudge he will never get over.

One way he will compensate for this is to use the anonymity of the internet to vent his frustrations, and this is evidenced by his use of those social groups where he referred to himself as an alpha male, he is stretching the legs of his darker side, and the views and statements he will be putting out there will be much more widely accepted in extremist circles than a general public forum. By receiving a positive reaction, he will very slowly start to become more confident in this side of himself, and it’ll show with more and more posts of increasing extremism. Essentially, on the Internet he will be the person that he isn’t in real life. It’d be the exact opposite, and he’d be struggling internally to close the gap between the two.

Let’s imagine him as a person. In reality I imagine you would find interactions with him were pleasant, friendly and you might even think he was a likable person. Sure, perhaps he was a little socially awkward and had a low self esteem or days where his depression or mood got the better of him, but everyone is like that, right? And you certainly wouldn’t expect him to be so twisted inside, and capable of ultimately doing what he did. At least, that’s exactly what his friends and people who actually knew him said… Because if it was that easy to spot, the likes of Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook) James Egan Holmes (Aurora) and Kyle Aaron Huff (Capitol Hill) would never have been able to commit the atrocities they are responsible for.

Hell, even Ted Bundy, who is perhaps the worst serial killer in US history, who is guilty of 30 KNOWN murders was considered a nice person. In fact, if memory serves me correct he evaded capture TWICE because he was held in such high regard.

I know what you’re thinking, how can you compare Elliot Rodger, a monster in his own right, to the one of the greatest abominations of society the world has ever known? But read on, because it was this particular case that turned our understanding of criminal psychology upside down, and interestingly, it was the exact same case with Ed Gein, who is the charming young man who embodied a clusterfuck of insanity that went on to inspire Norman Bates in Hitchcock’s “Psycho”, Leatherface in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, and Buffalo Bill in “The Silence Of The Lambs”.

Bundy, according to professionals, was a man who snapped with seemingly no apparent reason behind it. He didn’t have an abusive childhood. He wasn’t bullied at school. He had a good education, a good upbringing, no criminal record, good career prospects and a stable relationship - until that broke down. In fact, short of him being born evil or possessed by Satan, that is the only logical reasoning that is believed to have caused Bundy to finally snap and embrace his deepest and most darkest fantasies he had hidden so well all his life..

It wasn’t sexism that lead him to commit murder, kidnap, rape and necrophilia. It didn’t lead him to only target women with short to medium length brown hair parted down the middle - it was his rage and hatred for his ex-girlfriend, hatred which formed due to his inability to handle rejection and he found solace in the illusion that he was killing her again and again. Crucially, it wasn’t HER fault that Bundy used his hatred for her as a justification in committing all of those atrocities in HER name, just as it wasn’t the fault of those who unknowingly pushed Rodger closer and closer to the edge - and that is why I compared Ted Bundy to Elliot Rodger, because their personality and the reasoning behind why they did what they did is almost identical. Bundy couldn’t stop, and nor could Rodger when he first pulled the trigger. He had gone way beyond the point of no return, and that’s why he went out shooting random people - because he could no longer be stopped by any means other than what comes in a copper jacket, because he was now a man who had a lot of anger directed at the world as a whole, and nothing left to lose.

The point I am making is that separating misogyny from madness to manipulate a tragedy to further your own agenda is exploitative and parasitic journalism at its worst. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest Rodger hated women as a whole, opposed to just the ones who rejected him, and to tell you the truth I am utterly disgusted that the Guardian ran with such a trashy article that does nothing more than sensationalize and deliberately misconstrue the fact that SIX innocent people were killed by a man who could not rationalize his feelings, and do nothing but blame other people for his own shortcomings. The article does nothing more than attempt to cause a kneejerk reaction, and capitalize on the issue of sexism in the scummiest, most parasitic way I have ever seen.

Valenti writes: “while it is unclear what role Rodger’s reportedly poor mental health played in the alleged crime, the role of misogyny is obvious.”

A simple behavioral analysis will tell you EXACTLY what role Rodger’s poor mental health played, and simply blaming misogyny is not only irresponsible for a journalist working for such a well known establishment as the Guardian newspaper, but something I actually hope she receives appropriate disciplinary action for by press regulation.

There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for what is essentially Jessica Valenti defecating over a tragedy, and thus over the names of people involved who’s only crimes were being at the wrong place at the wrong time, just so she can get noticed saying that men are basically the devil and that Rodger was just another victim of a sexist and violence obsessed culture.
Yes, it is a tragedy in itself that he didn’t get the help he desperately needed before doing the things he did, BUT YOU CANNOT JUSTIFY OR TRIVIALIZE WHAT HE DID BY SAYING HE IS JUST ANOTHER PRODUCT OF A SEXIST AND VIOLENCE OBSESSED CULTURE. It just goes to show how morally bankrupt Jessica Valenti is.

I would like to remind Valenti, in the unlikely event she reads this post, that the people Rodger killed HAD NAMES. Names she neglected to include in the article despite three of which having already been released - possibly because he had a male victim which would again negate Valenti’s claims of misogyny, yet repeated the name of the killer multiple times thus contributing to the consolidation of his name in infamy, and the victims being forgotten and swept under the carpet - as is so common in tragedies like this. Since originally writing this post, the names of all six of Rodger’s victims have been released, and they are as follows:

Veronika Weiss
Katie Cooper
Christopher Michael-Martinez
Weihan Wang
Cheng Yuang Hong
George Chen

Interestingly, out of all 6 of Rodger’s victims, only two of them were women. This does not make what he did any less wrong and I take absolutely no pride in doing this, but the argument that Elliot Rodger committed his crimes because he was a sexist rather than just another in a long line of scumbags is utterly wrong. It is the malfunction of one person that lead to this tragedy. Society did not create Elliot Rodger, but what society HAS created is global condemnation of his crimes, which is a bigger picture Jessica Valenti and other narrow-minded feminists have failed to acknowledge.

I would also like to point out the fallacies in Elliot Rodger’s “manifesto” video he released, the same video in which he made statements many people have jumped on when labelling Rodger as a sexist - isn’t it convenient that they “tuned out” for the parts where Rodger ALSO spread his bile towards men, and said he would also “annihilate” them? Isn’t it also fascinating that at the end of almost every statement he made against women, he either ended it with an attack on men, or immediately followed up with a statement attacking men? Is it really sexism or selective hearing on the part of social media warriors literally trying to “stick it to the man” which ironically is also sexist and proves fighting fire with fire does nothing but make you look like a complete dick.

Does this not show that his hatred for men went hand-in-hand with his hatred for women? Does this not PROVE that Rodger’s motivation was not sexism, but actually his anger at being “denied” the opportunity to love or be loved?, as I have explained above?

Whether you are an MRA, a feminist or a narrow minded journalist, I think we can all agree that the reaction to this tragedy from all sides has STUNK. Men’s Rights Activists martyring a psychopath who was as crazy as there are ways to Sunday, feminists blasting him as a sexist and spamming their rhetoric while failing to acknowledge key facts that their arguments cannot be built on?

Why does it have to be men’s rights or women’s rights? Why can’t it be both? Why are we fighting for men’s rights, why are we fighting for women’s rights when we should be BALANCING our rights, so we can be a truly equal society?

Why is this such a debate when there are six dead bodies and many more injured in hospital that everyone affected, be it personally or on social media, should be mourning, praying, or simply paying their respects to instead of arguing about the madness of the asshole who put them there in the first place?

This is why we can’t have nice things.



"I had a husky who was raised with cats, and thought she was a fucking cat. She even sat like a cat, with her arms and legs tucked under herself."

Festival Food cont.

Eggy Bread

You’ll never taste Eggy Bread like it. Choose from Eggy Bread with summer fruits, smoky bacon, piri-piri chorizo, Malteasers or a mixture of all.

 Ostrich Burgers

Ostrich burger

The award-winning I Love Ostrich provide wonderful healthy BBQ-ed ostrich burgers with toppings including Jack Daniels onions and Stilton mayo with wild rocket.

*Ostrich’s say Quack right? If you know better please write in.

Ostrich burger 2

So glad they’re finally adding an ostrich burger stall, the lack of ostrich meat has almost been a dealbreaker for me on many an occasion

Festival food

Sonisphere Festival just added an update to the food stalls they’ll have this year. Turns out we’re going to get:

Headliner Themed Burgers


"Choose from The Eddie (6oz Fresh Beef Patty, Memphis Screamin’ Whiskey BBQ Sauce, Monterey Jack Cheese, Maple Bacon, Shredded Iceberg), Enter Cheeseman (6oz Fresh Beef Patty, Monterey Jack, French’s Mustard, Heinz Ketchup, Gherkin, Shredded Iceberg) or The Firestarter (6oz Fresh Beef Patty, Mexican Chilli Cheese, Chipotle Mayo, Jalapenos, Shredded Iceberg) courtesy of Half-Man, Half-Burger.

Fire-Grilled Salmon


Unique in the UK, whole sides of salmon are cooked on cedar planks over an open log fire and then served in a roll or wrap with mayo, sweet chilli and baby leaf salad or with new potatoes or chunky chips.”

Cheese Stall

"Every year you ask us to provide a Cheese Stall, so this year we’ve gone one better and given you a Cheese Truck, serving toasties like this, heavy negotiations are on about what is going on in the platter.”

Cheese Truck Toasties

Rustic French Grub

"La Grande Bouffe specialises in the best of rustic French cooking. Specialities include: La Tartiflette Originale (sliced potatoes cooked in creamy French cheese and smoked bacon), veggie Gratin Dauphinois potatoes cooked in cream and garlic; pure pork sausage cooked in white wine; and sweet and savoury pancakes."

le grande bouffe 2

"Italian Pizza"
Only using ingredients imported from Italy, Massimo the chef is fast-talking festival veteran, serving up authentic Italian pizza.


Lettuce Feed You

"So many puns… So little time. Shar’s Salad Shack offers a Three-Bean Salad, a Smoked Mackerel Salad, a Grated Cheese Salad, a Tuna Salad, a Honey Ham Salad and a Freshly Shucked Oyster Salad. The oysters are fully sustainable and live until the point of sale! Watch the oyster shucking process, not only for the experience, but also so you realise you really can’t get a fresher ingredient!"


Tea And Toast

Tea And Toast have one aim: ‘To protect the world through tea’. Their mission? ‘Warm your cockles and feed your soul’. They say: “Soothe your sore throats after a hard night’s partying at the little yellow van covered in flowers.”



The first official picture of Ben Affleck as Batman in the Man Of Steel sequel!

Don’t you mean Batman vs. Superman?

Yeah, I just refuse to call it Batman vs Superman. It’s too reminiscent of Freddy vs Jason or Alien vs Predator where the whole focus is on the two fighting. Batman and Superman have never been about fighting each other, maybe a fight comes into it but it’s rarely important to the plot… At the end of the day, they’re both after the same thing but have opposite ways of going about it. Superman is the embodiment of hope and optimism, Batman is the embodiment of pessimism and the lack of hope.



The first official picture of Ben Affleck as Batman in the Man Of Steel sequel!

Don’t you mean Batman vs. Superman?

Yeah, I just refuse to call it Batman vs Superman. It’s too reminiscent of Freddy vs Jason or Alien vs Predator where the whole focus is on the two fighting. Batman and Superman have never been about fighting each other, maybe a fight comes into it but it’s rarely important to the plot… At the end of the day, they’re both after the same thing but have opposite ways of going about it. Superman is the embodiment of hope and optimism, Batman is the embodiment of pessimism and the lack of hope.